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[EP-tech] Problems with OAI PHM tokens

Hi Ernesto,
I hope I have understood the problem: each time you request records, they come back in a different order. As there are 100brecords displayed at a time, this also looks like different records are returned.

The output of the OAI-PMH interface is normally ordered by the eprintid.

For some reason, this isn't happening.
Have there been any changes in the OAI-PMH code running on your server?

There could be a problem with the indexing of the repository, or possibly a problem with the database.

One thing to check - are there any messages in the Apache error log? I wonder if EPrints cannot create some extra tables in the database, to store a temporary list of records. Are there some tables in the database that start their name with 'cache', with some numbers afterwards?


PS there are also some missing phrases for the thesis types, in English. These should also appear in the Apache error log. If you need help with these, let me know!
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Subject: [EP-tech] Problems with OAI PHM tokens

Every time we try to harvest this repository


It shows us diverse quantities.
We observe different values

How do you correct that?

Ing. Ernesto Correa V?squez
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Centro Nacional de Informaci?n y Documetaci?n Agropecuaria
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