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Re: [EP-tech] Pl do help me EPRINTS 3.3 latest data is not showing

Hi K.Tarak.

I cannot be sure but it sounds like the database configuration you have for the archive of your on Ubuntu 18.04 is not pointing at the database you just imported.  Database configuration for your archive will be in:


Where you need to substitute EPRINTS_PATH and ARCHIVE_NAME as appropiate.  EPRINTS PATH is likely to be /usr/share/eprints/ and ARCHIVE_NAME will probably be the only subdirectory in the archives parent directory.

It sounds like you will have created an initial archive (with the "epadmin create" command) but because the name of this archive is different to the database you dumped out of your old system it has not reimported in the correct place.  If you take the username, password and database name from database.pl and import the SQL file with a command similar to the following:

mysql -u USERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASE_NAME < old_database.sql

This should then import the database to the correct location.  Beyond this you will also need to transfer the archive's document directory from you old server and completely overwrite the documents directory for the archive on your new server (I would first backup the new server directory just in case, i.e. move it elsewhere and then copy the old server's document directory into place):

mv ~/old_documents_directory/* EPRINTS_PATH/archives/ARCHIVE_NAME/documents/

How you get the old documents directory onto your new server is not something I can specifically advise, as I don't know you exact circumstance.  I usually use rsync, which could save the above step above if you have the correct user permissions to rsync directory between the old and new server's documents directories. 

As you said you had a malware problem that prompted this migration, I would obviously advise care on migrating this directory in case the malware came about through someone uploading it to there.


David Newman

On 31/10/2019 07:43, tarak rama trainer via Eprints-tech wrote:
Hi sir,
My name is , how to troubleshoot this problem in Eprints 3.3!!
1. Actually we have Eprints configured and successfully running on Debian os, but unfortunately few days backs because of malware it's not working properly.
2. Now what I have done is, i have configured the new server with ubuntu 18 and successfully installed and configured the server ....and uploaded testdata and its showing up to 2005 years, even subjects and authors. But now I want to transfer my database to new server ie UBUNTU. 
3. I have exported from Debian os and imported on ubuntu os .sql file.
4.but on the new server i am not able to see the latest data ...only testdata is showing.
5. Pl help and tell me the steps on how to transfer the up to date data from the old server to the new server...
Please, sir waiting for your reply ... I have searched on the internet but could not get solution. My new server is working fine but the latest data is missing 
pl, do help me ...or call me on 7337425005

Warm Regards,


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