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Re: [EP-tech] how to display total number publications in eprints reporsitory

Hi Satish,
I don't think there's a way to do this in a default install, although it can be done.

The home page is a static document.
The easiest way to achieve this might be to include a total via _javascript_. You would have to write a simple cgi script to pull the data out of the database.

An alternative way would be to create an EPScript method to provide the data.

I'm trying to find a couple of similar examples to point you in the right direction.
I think the 'Kultur' EPrints extension has some thing similar.
I'll send another email with some more detail later today!

And welcome to EPrints!

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Subject: [EP-tech] how to display total number publications in eprints reporsitory

I have installed eprints3 and would like to  display  total number of publications
in eprints repository home page.
I appreciate if you could share the perl script to query the mysql database and 
also specify where to insert these codes?

Thank you in advance.
Satish MV
Govt. Engineering College, Hassan