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[EP-tech] Files Disappearing - EPrints/Elements

Hi All,

I have a problem- Files appear to be vanishing from EPrints.

They usually come in from Elements and there are no problems. I noticed
today I was getting :

"Error in file retrieval: failed to get file contents"

Checking on the server both the file and folder were not where they should
be for the item.

I've since noticed this on several more by trawling through the Apache
error logs.

There is a common thread through them all so far; they all belong to an
Elements item that has had a file deleted and then another file with the
exact same name being uploaded very shortly after.

Has anybody experienced something like this before? I have a suspicion that
there is some sort of post-processing scripts that run to remove deleted
files and the new files are being removed... Maybe.

Any help will be greatly appreciated (I'm also going to speak with the
Elements people too).

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