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[EP-tech] WINSCP error File disappeared/0KB

You could dump the memory of the apache process, the config (in a perl
structure) should be there I think. This is a guide:


You can also try to grep in the swap.

Il 18/06/19 15:47, James Kerwin via Eprints-tech ha scritto:
> Hi All,
> I was working on something today and because it was a test I was only
> using WinSCP to transfer the file. There was some sort of error on
> WinSCP and the file is now blank with a size of 0kb. I've looked in
> the Windows AppData folder and it only contains the blank version of
> the file.
> I have no recent backups from today. The file is currently part of the
> config loaded in to EPrints.
> Does anybody have a clue if there is any way I can see it via EPrints
> since it's part of the currently loaded config?
> I know unix/linux is very unforgiving with this sort of thing, but I
> thought it might be worth asking.
> Thanks,
> James
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