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[EP-tech] Author re-ordering

Hi All,


Interested to know if anyone has come across this, or already solved it….


We have several authors who have quite a number of papers (in the astrophysics field) where everyone gets put into the citation…

We mandate the names be in the order listed on the paper, so the citation ePrints generates is accurate.

But, in some cases the names in the input file may not be in correct order…, and there may be dozens of papers with 50+ authors.


Nothing sucks time like a manual bubble sort…, and current editorial process involves the use of the up/down arrow to move eprint_creators within the list, but this causes a page reload each time an author is shuffled up/down…


Is there a way to perform the reordering, without the page reload each time, get everything in the correct order then save when moving to the next tab in the workflow??

Or should I present the editorial users with a screen to reallocate the pos number for authors, and re-save the eprint_creators pos numbers to the database?? Would an ‘eprint commit’ be all that’s required to ensure everything is updated correctly ?



Thanks for any help/tips/code snippets…


Oh, running 3.3.10 if it makes a difference or has been solved in a newer release and I missed it…







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