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[EP-tech] Modifying Details.pm/Overwriting module

Hi All,

Could somebody please tell me how to overwrite an existing Perl module in

I recently made some changes to Details.pm. I know better than to modify it
in-situ, so I took a copy and moved it to my specific EPrint archive.


New edited version:

EPrints didn't pick up my changes (even after a server restart) unless I
named the edited module something different so I called it:

Detailz.pm (package EPrints::Plugin::Screen::EPrint::Detailz;)

I've made the changes to how the page renders, but my problem now is I have
a "Details" and "Details2" tab on the staff view of an EPrint. I want only
my new Details.pm module to be brought in. I did follow Adam Field's
YouTube video that touched on this, but it wasn't quite the same problem
and didn't work.

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