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[EP-tech] Workflows involving other users

Hi Stefan,

If you want to be able to send notifications the certain users, one
option would be to add additional EPrint actions (E.g. "Email
Candidate", "Email Supervisor(s)", etc.) that appear in the Actions tab
of the EPrint View.  These could be used by the research office to send
notifications to students, supervisors, etc. by working out their email
addresses from the metadata they has input for the candidate,
supervisor, etc.  A pre-defined email template could be used, so as
soon as you click the button an email goes out to the user will all the
information they need so they can fill in their information for the
EPrint record.


David Newman

On Tue, 2019-01-29 at 17:59 +0000, John Salter via Eprints-tech wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> It's not simple to do this, but it would be possible.
> When you create a record, do you have the information about which
> user should perform each role? E.g.
> student = user A
> supervisor = user B
> examiner = user C
> If so, you could make different workflows (or different workflow
> stages) for each role - and use some logic like:
> If current_user.userid = eprint.supervisorid show supervisor stage.
> If your processes are more sequential like:
> Student adds data, sends it to supervisor.
> Supervisor adds data, sends it to examiner.
> Examiner adds data sends it to Research Office.
> Research Office makes item live.
> then you may want to add additional eprint_status values, and base
> interactions on that (have a look on the EPrints wiki for 'dark
> archive' for an example).
> I can provide more info on the above options.
> Cheers,
> John
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> Subject: [EP-tech] Workflows involving other users
> Hello,
> I am looking for a possibility to create deposit workflows that
> require other user?s inputs. The example is a thesis ePrint that our
> office initially creates ? they add basic information. Some
> information only the supervisors have. It would be great to notify
> the related users by email and allow them to contribute to the
> workflow. Is anything like this possible with the configuration
> files?
> Best regards
> Stefan
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