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Re: [EP-tech] EPrints 404 file not found, but file still exist

Hi ,

I think the problem is a known issue when multiple files have been uploaded to a record simultaneously and it puts more than one per sub-directory.


You have file BAB_II.pdf in the same directory as BAB_IV.pdf and some part of the url rewrite process doesn’t like more than one file.

The ‘quick fix’ per record is to reupload the ‘missing’ files so they go into their own directory.  (You could move them in the file structure but you’d need to ensure you updated the eprint, document and possibly file records so they all point correctly to the new location?)




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I just checked in the Google Search Console and found about 895 files not found. One example is http://sir.stikom.edu/id/eprint/1320/4/BAB_IV.pdf, and when I open the url, there is indeed an error like the following screenshot.




But when I check directly to the location on the ARCHIVE/documents/disk0/00/00/13/20/04/ the file exists. Why did this happen? Are there problems in the EPrints database that cause the file to be considered missing?

I know, this error can be solved by re-uploading the file. However, this automatically creates multiple files even in different folders.

I assume, this error comes from the database, but I do not know how to fix it. Maybe someone can give input or a solution to this problem?


Thank you.


Best regards,

Agung Prasetyo W.


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