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[EP-tech] duplicate key value violates unique constraint "event_queue_pkey"

Hi Thomas

Thank you for your support.

We have cleared the events by stopping and force starting the indexer and making sure there are no pending queues but the error is still appearing in the log file when creating a new item.  

These are the steps we did:

1.	Force started the indexer.
2.	checked the "Tasks" which showed that there are no pending tasks.
3.	checked the "event_queue" table which showed that it is empty.
4.	started to create a new item.
5.	the "ERROR:  duplicate key value violates unique constraint "event_queue_pkey" started appearing again in the error_log when we start creating a new item.
6.	The event_queue table shows data with a Key (eventqueueid)=(f1dbbc2cba81b956e9290a9d39c8ddc0) which causes the duplicate key error.

Any other ideas to solve this issue?

Thank you again for your support.

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Hi Maher,

> "could it be caused because we are using Postgresql instead of Mysql?"
presumably not, because your error message
> EPrints::DataObj::create_from_data('EPrints::DataObj::EventQueue', 'EPrints::Repository=HASH(0x55aa55a83468)', 'HASH(0x55aa592f72d0)', 'EPrints::DataSet=HASH(0x55aa57023030)')
indicates the arguments (which are no subject to Postgresql!?) for the eventID

> shows that the pluginid is "Event::RDF" and is "waiting".
Assuming you are still in test mode of an experimental installation (_NO_ production site!) I recommend a clean up of your indexer:
>From Admin > System Tools > Force start indexer you get this task done.
Afterwards all hanging/waiting events should be gone!?
Otherwise engage EPRINTS/bin/indexer from console.