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Re: [EP-tech] duplicate key value violates unique constraint "event_queue_pkey"

Hi Maher,

> "could it be caused because we are using Postgresql instead of Mysql?"
presumably not, because your error message
> EPrints::DataObj::create_from_data('EPrints::DataObj::EventQueue', 'EPrints::Repository=HASH(0x55aa55a83468)', 'HASH(0x55aa592f72d0)', 'EPrints::DataSet=HASH(0x55aa57023030)')
indicates the arguments (which are no subject to Postgresql!?) for the eventID

> shows that the pluginid is "Event::RDF" and is "waiting".
Assuming you are still in test mode of an experimental installation (_NO_ production site!) I recommend a clean up of your indexer:
>From Admin > System Tools > Force start indexer you get this task done.
Afterwards all hanging/waiting events should be gone!?
Otherwise engage EPRINTS/bin/indexer from console.