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[EP-tech] JavaScript & JQuery on EPrints

Hi all,

This isn't exclusively an EPrints problem, but it's possible some of you
may have experienced similar.

I'm putting some new institutional headers on the test repository and I
have a problem with the JQuery line of code (src="//
and the eprints "epc:pin ref="head"" element. Both of these were in the
previous layout of the ../[ARCHIVE_ID/cfg/templatesdefault.xml file.

If I put the eprints pin before the JQuery call, the eprints JS is ignored.
The small drop down "+" does nothing when clicked and so some parts of
EPrints can't become visible to the user. If the pin is placed after the
JQuery call, the headers aren't dynamic and can't be expanded etc.

Frustratingly, if I remove all references to JavaScript in the file except
for the eprints pin and the jquery call, it still behaves in the same way.
People have suggested that it may be a clash between function/variable
names, but I can't see where this clash could be. If I revert to the
previous file, everything works as expected (headers and dropdowns despite
the exact same files being called in the same order).

Has anybody experienced anything like this?

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