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[EP-tech] Manage deposits page loads very slow


I migrated an eprints instance from version 3.3.7 running on a VM with
ubuntu 10.04, 1GB RAM and 2 virtual CPUs to the latest eprints version
3.3.15 on a VM with ubuntu 16.04, 2.5GB RAM and 2 virtual CPUs. I followed
the page documented on the eprints wiki for the migration.

There were no problems with loading pages on the old version, but on the
new server when a user visits the "Manage Deposits" page and has a lot of
deposits, it takes a while to load the page. For a user with 885 deposits,
it takes at least 30 seconds.

I compared the mysql configuration on both VMs and it is similar. Also, the
eprints indexer is running. During the day, apache and mysql seems to use
more RAM than it did on the old VM.

Does anyone know what could cause the slow page load or at least give me
some pointers where to look?
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