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[EP-tech] Extended Review Buffer Filter

Dear all,

at our repository we have the situation that about 30 editors are working
on the review buffer list on about 10'000 publications that are submitted
Most of the editors are responsible only for one community ("community
editors") and their profile is set so that the only see "their"

The rest (which is our main team), however, has access to all publications
in the review. Their requirement was that they can exclude publications
that do belong to community editors.
That would involve, however, having to set up a complicated list of
communities (first select all about 400 entries in the subject tree, then
unselect those communities that need to be excluded) in the filters. And
having to do that again each time after the filter is reset to see all

Therefore, we have created an extension to the filter section that allows
to use a saved search and to combine the results of the saved search with
the results of the filters using a Boolean NOT/AND/OR operator. In the
filter section, a saved search Id and the Boolean operator can be
specified. This allows both for personalisation (search criteria saved in
editor's user profile) and sharing (saved search set to public) in a team.

Are there other teams that have a similar requirement? Please let me know,
then I can share the code.

Best regards,


Dr. Martin Br?ndle
Zentrale Informatik
Universit?t Z?rich
Stampfenbachstr. 73
CH-8006 Z?rich
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