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[EP-tech] 'Doubling of divisions'

There are a couple of possibilities, depending on the details:


1)       You?ve changed the structure, but your abstract pages haven?t regenerated.? I think this is an epadmin command, but you can test this by editing a record with this issue, making a change and then saving it.? If it?s purely a render issue, it?ll go away.? You can then batch regenerate all of your abstracts (I think it?s an epadmin command).

2)       You?ve changed the structure, and IDs have changed, but your items still have the old IDs set in their fields.? This is a little trickier to handle as you?ll have to update all of your records.? Either do this by hand (depending on the number of records with issues) or use a script to walk over the repository and update the values.


If you can?t see the problem in admin, but can on the public view of the item, it?s more likely to be (1).





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Hi all,


Sorry, yet another slightly desperate plea for help from the University of Bolton. 


I?ve recently restructured parts of our repository to reflect an institutional restructure but in doing so, I?ve managed to double/duplicate some divisions. I?ve managed to get it so that our departmental structure now doesn?t have the extra ones, but in individual items the extra division still exists and it looks really odd, for example, 


I can?t get rid of this because I can?t actually see it in admin, if you know what I mean. Does anyone have any idea of what I might have done wrong here, or crucially, how I might fix this?!


Thanks in advance!






Sarah Taylor

Electronic Resources Librarian

The Peter Marsh Library

University of Bolton

Deane Road




01204 903099

s.e.taylor at bolton.ac.uk


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