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[EP-tech] CentOS / SELinux

Hi All,
There's just been an exchange on the eprints-uk-user-group mailing list, where someone was having issues getting EPrints up and running. The root cause was SELinux.

On this page:
there is some advice - but it doesn't seem to cover any of the directories that things like the Bazaar would need access to (e.g. ~/lib/plugins/).
It also doesn't include [eprintspath]/archives/[repoid]/html/ - which means summary-pages fail to be written when an http request causes them to be regenerated.

This message (from 2015) http://threader.ecs.soton.ac.uk/lists/eprints_tech/21145.html suggests granting r/w permission for the whole eprints install directory (/usr/share/eprints/).

Is this the most sensible option?
Should e.g. ~/perl_lib, ~/bin, ~/cgi  be more locked down?


PS There is also this note: http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Troubleshooting#A_Note_on_SELinux - but that references EPrints2 - so probably a little outdated.
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