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[EP-tech] Link from Abstract/Summary creator to /views/creators/{creator encoded}.html

On 26 Jan. 2018 03:50, "Brian D. Gregg" <bdgregg at pitt.edu> wrote:


Has anyone looked into linking creators from an Abstract/Summary page to
the /views/creators/{creator encoded}.html page?  If so, can you explain
how you did so?  We have a request to provide that link and I've not come
up with what I feel is a good solution yet so I'm asking the group here.

I suspect that this would be a custom render function to alter the
displayed list of the creators.  But in addition, is there an existing
function that takes the creators name and translates it to the
/views/creators/{creator encoded}.html value that we can just use just to
create the link?



We have those sorts of links in the citation (eg.
https://eprints.qut.edu.au/115171/ )

It's a public holiday here today so I'll have to get back to you on exactly
how it's set up, but from memory it's a custom renderer inside the
eprint_creators field. I can't remember for sure how it's invoked from the

Since the 'creators' view is not vanilla, it's necessarily one you built
yourself, so no one else can tell you how the mapping from creator to
encoded view key works. In our case eprint_creators has an 'id' subfield,
alongside name and all that.

Matthew Kerwin
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