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[EP-tech] Overriding subroutines

Hi Alan


??????????????? Try:


use EPrints::Plugin::Screen::MyPlugin::Stuff;

sub EPrints::Plugin::Screen::MyPlugin::Stuff::method_name


??????????????? print ?2?;



?in your cfg.d file.






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Date: Tuesday, 23 January 2018 16:12
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Subject: [EP-tech] Overriding subroutines


Hi all,

I?m currently trying to override a subroutine from a plugin module, by redefining it in the local cfg.d file.





package EPrints::Plugin::Screen::MyPlugin::Stuff;

sub method_name { print 1;}


and in <EPRINTS_ROOT>/archives/<MY_ARCHIVE>/cfg/cfg.d/zzz_stuff_plugin_local.pl  I have


package EPrints::Plugin::Screen::MyPlugin::Stuff;

sub method_name { print 2;}



when I restart the server I get the print 1;  statement.   If I change the subroutine name in the plugin (under lib/plugins?.) then restart the server I get the print 2; statement so it appears to be loading the plugin after the local version?  I thought these happened the other way round?




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