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[EP-tech] Archive under attack, security issue

Hmmm?? I can?t load an archive at the URL you gave.


Here are three suggestions.? If either look good, get back and I can discuss further how to implement:


a)       Turn off registration and do a nightly update of user records from your institutional HR system.? You?ll need to talk to IT or HR to find out how to get a nightly list of academic usernames.? You can even authenticate against your LDAP server if you take this option.

b)       Only allow people within certain email domains to register for accounts.? E.g. *@unina.it and *@gmail.com could be allowed

c)       Turn off registration and create accounts for people by hand (depends on your use-cases, but sometimes this is a viable option)









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it's some days that one of my archives is under a flood of fake registrations.


I activated a re-captcha plug-in but nothing changed.


The Archive is: http://www.rmaos.unina.it


How can I stop this?


I need help




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