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[EP-tech] a list of eprints with no documents

Hi Andy,

Thank you, Yes, I think it's that simple, but how would I add that to one of these:

1)    Advanced Search, as an option?

2)    A report based on Generic Reporting Framework?

3)    Listed as an Issue?

Is there a meta_field for this, if so, which one?


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To: eprints-tech at ecs.soton.ac.uk; Tomasz Neugebauer <Tomasz.Neugebauer at concordia.ca>
Subject: RE: a list of eprints with no documents

Hi Tomasz,
Is that not just

Full Text Status= None

Or am I missing something?

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Subject: [EP-tech] a list of eprints with no documents

It is probably very simple, but I've been searching for the best way to generate a list of all the eprints of a particular document type that do not have a document uploaded.
Is there a way to add "includes a document" as a toggle in the Advanced Search?
Is there a way to get this list as a report using the Generic Reporting Framework?
Is there a way to get this list as one of the "issues"?


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