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Re: [EP-tech] ORCID rendering in citations



Thanks so much for this – I can see my ORCIDs now! Hooray! However, can I change it to only show the icons, with the number only display when you hover over it? The support article suggests using this:


<!-- For Creators -->


<print expr="people_with_orcids(creators)" />


<!-- For Editors -->

<print expr="people_with_orcids(editors)" />



But does that go elsewhere?


Thanks again!





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Subject: Re: [EP-tech] ORCID rendering in citations


Hi Sarah,

The files you need to update are in:



Taking 'default.xml' as an example (the version that comes with EPrints is something like this: https://github.com/eprints/eprints/blob/3.3/lib/defaultcfg/citations/eprint/default.xml),


There is a block:

  <when test="type = 'book' and is_set( creators )">

    <print expr="creators_name"/>



The change needed is this:

  <when test="type = 'book' and is_set( creators )">

    <print expr="people_with_orcids(creators)"/>



There may be other files in that directory that need to be updated.


Does that help?




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To: eprints-tech@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Subject: [EP-tech] ORCID rendering in citations


Hi all,


I wonder if anyone can help a very non-techy repository manager, and by non-techy I mean fairly clueless.


I have installed the ORCID plugin which is working fine, but now I’d like to see the ORCID icons in my citations. The support article tells me to “simply include the following when displaying creator or editor fields” then the text I am to include where on earth to I put this?


Thanks in advance!







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Electronic Resources Librarian

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