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[EP-tech] ORCID support plugin: refresh token

Hi Will,

thank you very much for your answer. In the meantime I got an answer from the ORCID support team, they told me that they are currently in the process of reviewing their integration requirements and that they will be contacting EPrints about the refresh tokens soon. But the good news is that the missing refresh token in the database is currently not a show stopper for getting a positive review by the ORCID team.

Thanks again,

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Hi Volker,

At present the the refresh token isn't stored. I'm not entirely sure if it's necessary as part of the EPrints/ORCID integration at the moment, but if we think it would be useful then there may be scope for some further development work on the plugin.

Many thanks,



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Subject: [EP-tech] ORCID support plugin: refresh token

Hi all,

we have installed the ORCID Support and ORCID Support Advance plugins at a test environment. The review of this installation by the ORCID organisation demands a stored refresh token. But we have only the following tokens stored in the user table:












Is there any other place where the orcid refresh token could be stored?

Thanks in advance.


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