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[EP-tech] Configuring IRStats 2 to reduce stats output in 'public' report and have a more detailed staff report

Hi everyone,

Apologies for having more than one question, but I'd really appreciate any help you can give me. As you can probably tell, I don't have a really detailed understanding of IR Stats 2, but I am keen to make the changes we need.

I am trying to make a number of changes to IRStats 2 in order to:

1.      Reduce or amend the filters available on the main report

2.      Change the citation code from brief to default (as in http://threader.ecs.soton.ac.uk/lists/eprints_tech/18640.html)

3.      Alter the settings for the stats output on the main report, and

4.      Configure a new report that includes particular subjects

1.      My understanding is that the filters that display at the top of each report page are configured in the ReportHeader.pm Bazaar plugin (http://bazaar.eprints.org/365/1/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Stats/View/ReportHeader.pm) and in cgi/stats/set_finder. I can't seem to find the ReportHeader configuration file for this.

Can anyone please advise me on how I can amend the filters, and can they vary by report?

2.      In the Feb 2014 thread given above, John Salter kindly advises someone to use the following to give full citations in the top eprint lists:

~/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Stats/Data.pm #253

return (defined $eprint) ? $eprint->render_citation_link( 'brief' ) :

$self->{session}->html_phrase( 'lib/irstats2/unknown:eprint', id =>
$self->{session}->make_text( $value ) );

I can't seem to locate file or folder in the eprints directory. Any suggestions?

3.      Can each report have different settings, such as different filters and different periods of time? We want our publicly advertised stat page to be quite different in scope and content to the one advertised to staff. Can anyone confirm if this is possible and give me some (fairly big) clues?

4.      The IR Stats 2 Technical Manual outlines how to get subject data from scripts
my $ctx = $handler->context( { set_name => "subjects", set_value => 'subject_code', datatype => "downloads" } );
my $stats = $handler->data( $ctx )->select( fields => ["eprintid"], limit => 5 );
my $i = 1;
foreach( @{ $stats->data } )
        printf "%d) EPrintd %d with %d downloads\n", $i++, $_->{eprintid}, $_->{count};

This may be a stupid question, but how can this be incorporated into a report page? Is there another way to render statistical data for parameters that fall outside of the standard settings if this isn't possible?

Many thanks for any information you can share.

Erica McLaren
Senior Analyst Developer
Research & Digital Education
UCL Information Services Division
1 St. Martin's Le Grand

E  :   e.mclaren at ucl.ac.uk<mailto:e.mclaren at ucl.ac.uk>
W:   http://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd

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