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Re: [EP-tech] 2.3.13 -> 3.3.14

Depending on the system you are using, you might need to check the file permissions using:

ls -alZ

If there's a mismatch there, you'll have to talk to your local friendly IT support people, because SELinux is beyond my powers.

On 11 Oct. 2017 00:55, "Adam Field" <adam@adamfield.net> wrote:

Check your file permissions:


                ls -l /usr/share/eprints3/archives/mims3/documents/disk0/00/00/00/01/01/03PA0357.pdf


Check that the user and group are set to something sane.  You can check your apache configuration to see what user / group apache is running as.  The quick and simple way to do this is to make sure the files are owned by eprints, and that apache is running as eprints.






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Date: Tuesday, 10 October 2017 15:41
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Subject: [EP-tech] 2.3.13 -> 3.3.14


Dear EP-techers,


I’m upgrading an ancient server to the current version of the software. Following advice I found on this list, I’ve been using  the following strategy


Do the export of the 2.x version including archive, user, subjects and subscriptions (if possible - there was a patch back in the day for this I believe - may or not be worth it now) in ep3xml format. Copy the documents/disk0 folder over to the new system (use the same folder location or you'll have to munge your XML as the 'eprints' import actually looks for the file to exist in the location indicated in the XML) and import into the 3.x version of EPrints. Don't kill off your old server until you are done as this is a rinse and repeat process until you get everything perfect on your new 3.x server.


This has worked to some extent, though I did, in the end, have to faff with the XML to get the rid of a field, <replacedby>, that no longer exists and to make the paths point to the correct locations on the new server. Unfortunately, the actual files, though present, don’t seem to be entirely visible to the server. For example, although I have a PDF whose full path is




and an associated eprint that has, in its revisions document 1.xml, a <file> with child node



the corresponding abstract page lists the PDF as being 0 Mb in size and, when I try to retrieve it I get  


            Error in file retrieval: failed to get file contents


It feels as though I’m within inches of having the import working fully and don’t really want to have to study the code to figure out how to fix the issue described above. I’d be grateful for any suggestions.





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