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[EP-tech] Recaptcha v2

If anyone is using the ReCAPTCHA for user registration and/or document requests, and you haven't already updated to use the v2 API, this might be of interest:

>From this month, the v1 ReCAPTCHA (which displays two words for a user to enter) will start to show warnings to some users.
The v1 ReCAPTCHA will be retired at the end of March 2018.

The v2 ReCAPTCHA normally displays a tick-box for a human to confirm 'I'm not a robot'.

The code above is based on work by Matthew Kerwin which allowed either the older v1 or the current v2 ReCAPTCHA API to be used.
This version removes the v1 code.

I've tested it against EPrints 3.3.10, and 3.3.15, and it seems OK.
There is a new example config file (recaptcha.pl.example) - that has details of what is needed to start using ReCAPTCHA.


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