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Re: [EP-tech] Unknown entries in creator browse

Hi Matthew – this looks like the kind of solution we’re after! Your fix for multiple fields hasn’t done the trick so would you be able to share your hack for the fieldlist_sizes function? I’ve taken a look and I’m really not sure what I need to change. This isn’t a mega issue, just more of an annoyance, but I do want to get it cleaned up!





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Good memory – looks like I missed that email conversation first time around.

I think we surmounted the problem by using a local grouping function on the person view, which built on the [creators_id, editors_id] for internal users in the same way as your view.  The grouping function excludes entries from the sections hash of arrays it returns, where it can’t find the creators_id (or editors_id) in the user table.



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Wow, this discussion was ringing a lot of bells for me.  I've (finally) managed to dig up this old thread: http://mailman.ecs.soton.ac.uk/pipermail/eprints-tech/2014-December/003730.html


If anyone's interested, I ended up hacking 


 to let me specify my own top-level SELECT function for the view.



...which changes the way 'allow_null' interacts with 'multiple' fields.  It may be related, but that was more for making sure


works, rather than 






  Matthew Kerwin

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