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[EP-tech] Problem with staff search 3.3.15

In my attempts to build a new server on 3.3.15 (RHEL 7) and customise it to look / feel like our existing 3.3.10 (RHEL 5)  I've come across an issue with the admin search.

If I select 'search items' from <host>/cgi/users/home?screen=Admin it tries to go to <host>/cgi/users/home?screen=Staff%3A%3AEPrintSearch  but returns a 500 internal server error page.
The apache error log has the message :
Can't locate object method "search_filters" via package "EPrints::Plugin::Screen::Staff::EPrintSearch" at <eprints_root>/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/AbstractSearch.pm line 185.\n

And I see that the code for EPrintSearch.pm now looks like this (as of 4.5 years ago...)

If I manually change my url to <host>/cgi/search/eprint/staff as per lines 43/44 of this file  then I get the internal search query form which then functions correctly.

Any clues as to whether this is just for me and if so, where I should be looking in terms of making the 'search item' button work correctly?

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