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[EP-tech] technical question: one archive with two domains

Hey John,
thanks for your answer. Bad ideas are usually the best ;)
It would be great if you could explain your suggestion a little bit more, I
don't really get what you mean.
Thank you very much,

best regards
Thorsten Buelo
University of Cologne
Institut fuer Informatik

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This might be a really bad idea (but it might be genius)?

Could you output a <base href="?"/> tag (using the dynamic template
system), *and* make sure all links are relative?


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Subject: [EP-tech] technical question: one archive with two domains

Hey there,
I'm still trying to configure my eprints archive to work with two domains.
I tried all your suggestions (except mod_substitute) in different ways, but
it still don't work.
My goal: I want to access one archive using two different domains. So I
modified the apache-includes to add a ServerAlias, this part works fine:
domain1 and domain2 show the exact same website. My problem: It is the
EXACT same website, so all links are the same, too. So if i use one of the
links on domain2, I go to domain1 and do not remain on domain2.
Do you have any more ideas why this could happen and how to avoid it?
On my way finding a solution, I tried to modify the html-snippets used to
build the website - this worked for some parts, but changing other parts
killed the whole site. My idea was to change all links manually (if it was
working, i would automate this with a little script). Do anybody know the
part/script of eprints which combines the html snippets? I hope that
reading this script might help me to modify my repo.
Thany you again for your help,
best regards
Thorsten Buelo
University of Cologne
Institut fuer Informatik
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