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[EP-tech] IR-Stats not processing

Spoke too soon!
For some reason I'm getting double entries in irstats2_cache_downloads - e.g. for item 43210 I've got two entries of
uid          eprintid                datestamp          value     count
12840    43210                    0                              type       143
54345    43210                    0                              type       143

If I total up the columns on the graph I get 143, but the activity overview shows 286...  It does this for other items I've checked too.
Any thoughts as to why, or how to easily fix it? E.g. can I just delete all the duplicates from irstat2_cache_downloads?


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Thanks Enio and John,
Turns out it was a combination of the lock row being present due to a previously broken process, and the current_accessid missing which had caused some double counting of stats, hence the rebuild.  Glad not to have to do that again any time soon! (and to have learned something new about IRStats2)


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Hi Alan,
 first, you should be careful not to have another active irstats2 process then connect to the mysql database to see if the lock exists:
  select value from irstats2_internal where objectid='access.lock';

If lock exists you may try to delete the row:
  delete from irstats2_internal where objectid='access.lock';

Il 09/06/2017 10:26, Alan.Stiles ha scritto:
Hi all,
I'm trying to update the stats on our new servers but every time I run the job I get the message

Dataset 'access' is currently locked by another process.

Any clues what might be locking it - I'm rather confused now.


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