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Re: [EP-tech] merge two datasets: working on Openaire Compliance


you can always make your own oai2_custom.pl. If the set is "openaire", then you can do two searches with different filters and merge the results. Or create the openaire entry in the custom set and then use satiisfy_all as paramenter in search:


I think that it is the default, so adding more filters should lead to an OR between them.

Il 21/06/2017 12:36, Alfredo Cosco ha scritto:
I'm trying to reach a complete compliance for Openaire specs 3.0.

Now the problem is:
myarchive/cfg/cfg.d/oai.pl <http://oai.pl>

we have a default eprints dataset called Driver where you can find all Open Access records

The plugin on github creates a new dataset for European Community funded resources.


if(defined $c->{oai}->{custom_sets})
{ @{ $c->{oai}->{custom_sets} } = (@{ $c->{oai}->{custom_sets} }, (
spec => "ec_fundedresources",
name => "EC_fundedresources",
filters => [ { meta_fields => ["eu_project" ], value => "yes", }, ]
}, ));

Now I need to add a new dataset, called *openaire*, that contains:
- all open access papers
- all eu_project papers no matter for the access rights

So, is it possible to make a filter that sums the results or is there a way to merge the two datasets?


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