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[EP-tech] Retire Item from Review

Thank you, John and Alan for the great answers!  John's solution worked perfectly, I added the role to the editor and that made the button appear for items in Review.   Excellent. Do you think there some set of triggers that I should be adding when retiring an item from Review?
Sometimes, editors need to retire an item because they need to archive a submission, but for one reason or another, it cannot be made live.  In essence, the "Retired" items dataset is a "dark archive".
Thank you also for flagging the issue of deleted items appearing in OAI-PMH.  I believe that makes sense, deleted (destroyed) items really shouldn't be showing up in the OAI_PMH sets - so if you have a solution for that, it sounds like we could all benefit from it.

Best wishes,


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Hi Tomasz,
I don't think it would break anything, but there aren't any default triggers that deal with a status change of e.g. inbox -> deletion (but you could add some).

You might need to add a new role e.g. eprint/buffer/move_deletion:editor as I don't think by default anyone would have permission to do this.

I *think* that adding the above role would make a 'Retire item' button appear in the 'Actions' tab, as EPrints checks for the role when displaying the 'move' buttons.


PS There's a similar thing I've added to our repository that stops people destroying an item when the datestamp is set. This is to help the OAI-PMH interface properly respond to deleted items - if they are destroyed, they don't appear in the OAI-PMH interface, becoming 'zombie' records in a harvesters dataset. (I probably should add this to core!)

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Subject: [EP-tech] Retire Item from Review

I noticed that the "Retire Item" button does not appear as an option for items in Review.  Only items that are "Live" can be retired.  Is that correct?  Would it cause a problem to provide the option to "Retire Item" directly from Review, without ever making it Live?

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