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Re: [EP-tech] currrent_user => usertype

HI Avi,

There was a similar question on the tech-list a while ago.

The tech-list archives are currently a bit broken (when searching from e.g/ Google), but the thread 'Access user via _javascript_?' listed here:


might point you in the right direction.


A static page itself doesn't have access to the session information, but the template renders it does (if you're using the 'dynamic template').


If you need some more explanation of that thread, let me know!




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Subject: Re: [EP-tech] currrent_user => usertype


Hi Adam,



i what to show a button only for usertype „admin" or „editor". all other user shouldn’t see it.





Am 01.06.2017 um 16:37 schrieb Adam Field <adam@adamfield.net>:


Hi Avi


                I don’t think so.  What’s your use-case?





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Subject: [EP-tech] currrent_user => usertype


Hi all,



is there a way to find out the „usertype“ of the current session in a static-page (lile lang/de/testfile.xpage ) or in a phrases-file (lang/en/zz_webcfg.xml) ?









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