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Re: [EP-tech] Does 'can_clone' work correctly?

Hi Matt,

I've just created test fields on a 3.3.10 repository, and when using the 'New version' button, the fields DO NOT get cloned. Things seem to work as expected/intended, using the field definitions you used.


Do you have any automatic fields that might be setting this data (so although it looks 'cloned' it's getting set independently)?

Do you have any triggers that might be doing anything?

Could you (not quite sure how) have the same field definition more than once (with the later version having a different 'can_clone' setting)?

Have you got something that's overriding the 'clone' method?


Possibly adding debug statements to EPrints::DataObj::EPrint::clone might be the quickest way forward…





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Subject: [EP-tech] Does 'can_clone' work correctly?


Hi All,





Anyone have any ideas how to set a field parameter as ‘can_clone=>0’ for field definitions within the eprints_fields.pl file?


We have some fields that are visible to editorial staff only, which flag various details about the items in the repository.

The problem is, when an item is cloned, these extra ‘unknown to the end user’ fields are also cloned and set, with what appear to be valid notes/data…


I thought the ‘can_clone’ property would stop these data fields from being copied across, but alas, nothing I have tried has appeared to work.


I would rather not have to disable the clone button, but if that’s the only option then that’s how I have to do it…









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Subject: [EP-tech] Does 'can_clone' work correctly?




Just wondering if anyone else can verify a problem I am having, (or doing wrong) on a 3.3.10 instance…


According to the documentation (https://wiki.eprints.org/w/Metadata), can_clone is a property that can be set in the field definitions, and is used quite liberally in the EPrints.pm : get_system_field_info sub


{ name=>"datestamp", type=>"time", required=>0, import=>0,

              render_res=>"minute", render_style=>"short", can_clone=>0 },


       { name=>"lastmod", type=>"timestamp", required=>0, import=>0,

              render_res=>"minute", render_style=>"short", can_clone=>0, volatile=>1 },


       { name=>"status_changed", type=>"time", required=>0, import=>0,

              render_res=>"minute", render_style=>"short", can_clone=>0 },




to filter out data you don’t want to copy across when cloning…


foreach my $field ( $self->{dataset}->get_fields )


              next if( $field->get_property( "can_clone" ) );

              delete $data->{$field->get_name};




Taking this a step further, I have altered the local repository eprint_fields.pl field definitions, to include the can_clone => 0 into a few test fields, but the data still gets cloned into the new record.


{name => 'test_field_1',         

 type => 'set',

 options => ['yes','no','pending'],

 can_clone => 0,



Can anyone confirm if it’s not working correctly, or point me to what I’m doing wrong ?





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