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[EP-tech] Antwort: Re: Figuring out the highest EPrint ID?


as a side note: We will soon have the 100'000th eprint in the live archive
of our repo (which we want to celebrate).

I have written a tiny check_anniversary script that checks for any
anniversary number (1000, 10000, 50000, ...) what was the corresponding
eprintid and
when it was deposited. If there is interest, I can upload it to

Best regards,


Dr. Martin Br?ndle
Zentrale Informatik
Universit?t Z?rich
Stampfenbachstr. 73
CH-8006 Z?rich

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Betreff:	Re: [EP-tech] Figuring out the highest EPrint ID?
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For a human, go to the Manage EPrints screen, and get the list of all
EPrints with no filters, then sort by the ID column (add it at the bottom
if it?s not already there).


Lizz Jennings BA MSc ACLIP MCLIP (Revalidated 2015)
Research Data Librarian (Systems)
The Library 4.10, University of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY UK
Ext. 3570 (External 01225 383570)
E.Jennings at bath.ac.uk
Research Data Management: http://www.bath.ac.uk/research/data

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Hello again!

New one here, related to a different project! So, I?m trying to find the
HIGHEST EPrint ID that we have in our live system. I was doing this by
taking the ?Latest Additions? atom feed and looking at the topmost entry,
however I have now realised this isn?t accurate as this could be
representative of an item that has been sat in a work area for a number of
weeks or even months. Is there an easy way, via endpoint or API access,
that I could use to derive the highest number?


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