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[EP-tech] Shibboleth and local login

Thanks for your advices, they're very apreciated.

If the user goes to the view item link shouldn't it just be redirect to 
the login page? In that page, the existing local login box plus an 
additional link to shibboleth login are available, and the user can 
choose if login locally or using shibboleth (clicking on the link).

Is there any drawback in this approach?

Il 14/12/2017 09:40, David R Newman ha scritto:
> That all said, if a user is on an EPrint abstract page and you cllick on
> the "View Item" link and you are not logged in your will be taken to
> Shibboleth login.  That is why I said before that local users would need
> to know they need to login first before they start clicking on links
> like that.