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[EP-tech] Eprints - Home page problem,

Can I get the home page as shown in the link?


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Subject: Re: [EP-tech] Eprints - Home page problem,

I can't work out what you mean. I looked at an old version and couldn't spot much difference https://web.archive.org/web/20170131011420/http://eprints.manipal.edu/<https://web.archive.org/web/20170131011420/http:/eprints.manipal.edu/>

What I did notice is that there's lots of broken content in the page. It has links to css, javascript and images that don't exist. Also, the page has some hints that it has had very little work done for a very long time -- there's elements that have not been in common use for over a decade. (Although I'm all too familiar with the "challenges" of getting library, IT systems staff and the communications department all pulling in the same direction!)

This list is pretty good for giving technical support and helping debug & fix issues, but if you need work done you'll probably need to use someone "in house" or pay someone.
On 08/12/2017 03:50, Surendra K. Nayak [MAHE] wrote:
Hello Team,

I have problem with my repository.   I have changed logo of home page. Since then the home page is not showing properly. Can any one help me out to sort the error or design the home page.

Thanks and Regards

Surendra Nayak
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