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[EP-tech] Alternative text in phrase file



                We want to display a different label in the eprint rendering page for the field <epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldname_official_url">Adresse URL</epp:phrase> if the eprint type is ‘master’ or ‘thesis’. In zzzzz.xml we have tried with  



                               <epc:when test="type='master'">

                                               <epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldname_official_url">Adresse master</epp:phrase>


                               <epc:when test="type='thesis'">

                                               <epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldname_official_url">Adresse these</epp:phrase>



                                               <epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldname_official_url">Adresse URL</epp:phrase>




But this is not working. Any idea why ?







Pierre Nault

Bibliothécaire systèmes - Direction du développement technologique

Service des bibliothèques

Université du Québec à Montréal

Tél : 514-987-3000 #4554