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[EP-tech] Autocomplete on Search Forms


We did a few things of this kind on our advanced search form : 

But as we didn't find any way to manage it in EPrints, we are still 
working with the standard EPrints generated form. All of the 
modifications to this form are done through jQuery and plugins :

  * textext (for the autocomplete fields) : author, keywords, ...

  * chosen (for the <select> fields).

Of course, we had to write a few cgi scripts to provide data to the 
autocomplete functions.


Le 21/08/2017 ? 16:01, Adam Field a ?crit?:
> Hi
> Has anyone implemented autocomplete on searches?? I don?t think 
> there?s an easy way to do this.? Can the workflow autocompletion 
> infrastructure be leveraged, or does a new javascript widget need to 
> be added and a new endpoint created to populate the suggestions?
> Cheers
> --
> Adam
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