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Re: [EP-tech] Thesauri in EPrints

…so it was a good suggestion :o)


What about; http://bazaar.eprints.org/157/ (Auto-generated subjects from tags) too?



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Hi Lizz,

I've been playing with the idea of using a thesaurus with eprint since long time. My base for making something usable was the was the agro plugin (in the bazaar) but my limited time and knowledge made my effort useless.
However I think it would be great if eprint moves to thesaurus representation instead of a flat subject tree.


On 20 October 2016 17:49:02 CEST, Lizz Jennings <E.Jennings@bath.ac.uk> wrote:

Hello all,


Has anyone implemented a thesaurus in place of the standard subject tree in EPrints?


Has anyone tried to implement a thesaurus in place of the standard subject tree in EPrints and found it impossible because of some fundamental incompatibility?


I would be interested in hearing any experiences before planning work in this area!





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