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Re: [EP-tech] Video Document Support in EPrints

After looking into this, I began answering some of my own questions:


My understanding is that there is a video player as a part of KULTUR plugin.  What video player is that? 


If this: http://files.eprints.org/773/ is the latest version of Kultur Extension, then I don’t see a video player there. The confusion arose for me because some repositories that use the Kultur plugin have also integrated a video player into their repositories, but the video player is not part of the plugin.  For example: http://ualresearchonline.arts.ac.uk/9189/ , if you open up the video, a flowplayer (https://flowplayer.org/) is used to render it. 


Has anyone integrated videojs (http://videojs.com/)  with EPrints? 


It looks like the YouTube/Vimeo importer has been around for a while (http://bazaar.eprints.org/454/) , allowing users to import from YouTube or Vimeo.  However, with this plugin, I also don’t see any rendering player for the video that has been downloaded from YouTube.   





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Thank you, Denis, I would appreciate that very much.


I think we need a page in the Wiki for this topic, I created a place for it https://wiki.eprints.org/w/Video_documents , and parked my questions there for now.





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Hei Tomasz,


I handle videos in my new repository here:


In the repo, at the moment, there are no videos yet, but I can pass you all the configuration asap.






Denis Pitzalis, PhD
Web Architect/Lead Developer


7, place de Fontenoy
Paris France

Tel. +33 (0) 1 45 68 18 16




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On 28 Sep 2016, at 16:40, Tomasz Neugebauer <Tomasz.Neugebauer@concordia.ca> wrote:


Hi everyone,


What is the best (current) practice for supporting video documents in EPrints ?


Is there a place on the wiki that would contain the relevant settings/options for supporting video documents in EPrints?  Video documents can be large (over 2 GB) and so not easily downloaded.

​My understanding is that there is a video player as a part of KULTUR plugin.  What video player is that? 

Are there required settings in Apache to allow it to stream (play/seek rather than download full video)?  For example, these:

    # MIME types for Video

    AddType video/mp4 .mp4 .m4v .f4v .f4p

    AddType video/ogg .ogv

    AddType video/webm .webm

    AddType video/flv .flv

Are there other server settings required?

Are there particular codecs/containers required for the streaming/seeking to work (H264 in MP4 container)?

How does the video player (in KULTUR) relate to generating the "Document Preview" in EPrints?

In addition to whatever was done in KULTUR, there are also HTML5 video players that could be integrated into the abstract page display, such as this one: http://videojs.com/ , although EPrints isn't currently on HTML5 doctype (http://www.eprints.org/tech.php/21896.html)


Thanks in advance for any information and advice about best practices for streaming video documents with EPrints.






Tomasz Neugebauer

Digital Projects & Systems Development Librarian / Bibliothécaire des Projets Numériques & Développement de Systèmes

Library / Bibliothèque

Concordia University / Université Concordia​

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