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[EP-tech] HTML5 and EPrints

Dear List,

after making some changes on templates and a couple of modules like
XHTML.pm, we proudly offer some output, that looks like html5 - just to
calm down W3C Validator (https://validator.w3.org/nu/) on our responsive
design. In the end we fight against these link rels:

<link rel="schema.DC" href="http://purl.org/DC/elements/1.0/"; />
<link rel="Sword" href="https://www.zora.uzh.ch/sword-app/servicedocument
" />
<link rel="SwordDeposit" href="https://www.zora.uzh.ch/id/contents"; />

Does anybody know, what they are use for? Are Sword links really nedded in
every single webpage?

Jens Vieler
Zentrale Informatik
Universit?t Z?rich
Stampfenbachstrasse 73
CH-8006 Z?rich

mail:  jens.vieler at id.uzh.ch
phone: +41 44 63 56777
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