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Re: [EP-tech] Can EPrints provide a web service interface for other web servers?

Hi Andras,

If you look in the source of a search results page you will see a set of ‘alternate’ links that provide exports in all the formats available on the server. So this one for example, following a search for type=video, gives a service endpoint for exporting that set of records as EprintsXML


<link rel="alternate" href="?cache=&amp;exp=0%7C1%7C-date%2Fcreators_name%2Ftitle%7Carchive%7C-%7Ctype%3Atype%3AANY%3AEQ%3Avideo%7C-%7Ceprint_status%3Aeprint_status%3AANY%3AEQ%3Aarchive%7Cmetadata_visibility%3Ametadata_visibility%3AANY%3AEQ%3Ashow&amp;output=XML&amp;_action_export_redir=1" type="application/vnd.eprints.data+xml; charset=utf-8" title="EP3 XML" />


Something like that would give you a template for building your service requests, perhaps?  There’s one for each of the export formats available in the dropdown on the search results page




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Hi Andras,


One option could be to use the OAI-PMH interface? https://[your repository]/cgi/oai2 You might have to harvest the data into some sort of index though. Another option could be to modify an RSS feed URL for a search query with the search you want. That would give you a fairly easy XML format with the search results to read.






Liam Green-Hughes

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Subject: [EP-tech] Can EPrints provide a web service interface for other web servers?


Dear List Members,


Do you know if there is a way an EPrints repository can be configured so that it can be used by another server to extract data from the repository automatically?

(That other server might be a web server collecting search results for visitors from a couple of sources, one of them being the EPrints repository.)


If the feature described above is not built into EPrints right away then is there a recommended way to implement this feature as a web service? (SOA)



Andras Biczo