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[EP-tech] EPrints Quick Search Results

I seem to think that this has come up before.

I seem to recall closing this as it was fixed on the master branch, but not on the 3.3 branch (or something like that) - but can't remember the details.

This may also be related:


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A problem reported by our reference librarians when the search in our EPrints 3.3.14 using a Quick Search box.  I tried googling unsuccessfully to see if there are any relevant hints or bug fixes.

When library staff cut & paste an exact title into the Quick Search box, we get 0 results, even though we know that the thesis title is in our repository.

For example: "Detecting Specific Types of DDoS Attacks in Cloud Environment by Using Anomaly Detection" find 0 results.

Doing some testing, I discovered that the English prepositions (ie words - of in by) are causing the problem... And most probably other English articles (a, an, etc.)

If I just input the basic keywords : ITEM MATCHES "DETECTING SPECIFIC TYPES DDOS ATTACKS CLOUD ENVIRONMENT USING ANOMALY DETECTION", the search takes some time, but I do get a result.

If I just input a few unique keywords : DDoS Attacks Cloud, the search is quick & also displays the title with other ones....

Is there a fix for this???  In a bilingual environment (French/English) , we have 2 long lists of short articles & prepositions to ignore, for those cutters & pasters......


Greg Whitney
Polytechnique Montreal Library

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