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Re: [EP-tech] CSS attributes modification by over-riding

Have you checked that the modified zzz_local.css element is appearing in your auto-3.3.12.css through the browser?  If you modify something else (e.g. color: red; ) does that apply?

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Subject: [EP-tech] CSS attributes modification by over-riding

Hi there,

I'm trying to change some "ep_tm_footer" CSS class attributes by over-riding them in the config file "static/style/auto/zzz_local.css" : I've written :
.ep_tm_footer {font-size: 100%;}
But it doesn't seem to work !!!

Of course, if I modify this attribute in the original "template.css" file, it does, but it would be a very dirty work, wouldn't it ?

On another hand, other modifications of "static/style/auto/zzz_local.css" do work...

So, where am I wrong ???

Best regards
Laurent Cloarec
Service Commun de la Documentation - Service du Numérique Documentaire Université Toulouse 1 Capitole France

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