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Re: [EP-tech] How often does the Latest Additions page refresh?

The script is in /cgi/ folder (http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Cgi/ ) the part of EPrints  "handle the dynamic parts of the website". 
As an aside, we could really benefit from some more documentation of the CGI scripts :)  
I've been looking recently at the RSS (export plugins), latest_tool (in cfg.d), latest (in cgi/)... for my purposes, I think I'm going to end up sub-classing RSS to distinguish between the RSS export and the RSS Feed.

For the "latest additions", there are some hard-coded numbers in that CGI script "/cgi/latest", like the 7 day time span.

It looks like it uses "-datestamp" of the eprint for the search criteria to decide if something is "new".  
I believe "datestamp" means the moment that an item was first made live in the repository (so not a "publication date", and not a "modified date"), right?  


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Can someone please tell me how often does the Latest Additions page refresh?

Mike Street
IDIS, UIT, York University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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