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Re: [EP-tech] validate_eprint not being called

I think I have noticed that – but under 3.3.10

I allude to it here: https://github.com/eprints/eprints/issues/132 - but when I implemented a ‘faculty maximum embargo’ for our Etheses repository, I had to make a local version of the EPrints::Plugin::Screen::EPrint::Deposit plugin – and call the validate method in there:

sub render


        my( $self ) = @_;


        my $problems = $self->{processor}->{eprint}->validate( $self->{processor}->{for_archive}, $self->workflow_id );

        if( scalar @{$problems} > 0 )


                my $dom_problems = $self->{session}->make_element( "ul" );

                foreach my $problem_xhtml ( @{$problems} )


                        my $li = $self->{session}->make_element( "li" );

                        $li->appendChild( $problem_xhtml );

                        $dom_problems->appendChild( $li );


                $self->workflow->link_problem_xhtml( $dom_problems, "EPrint::Edit" );

                $self->{processor}->add_message( "warning", $dom_problems );




Does that sound anything like what you’re seeing??






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Hi Liam,

Can’t say I’ve noticed it myself on our wonderfully installed and customised eprints instance <ahem>*  What version of eprints and OS etc have you got in your current setup?


*(in-joke note to public – Liam was somewhat involved when we first set up eprints here)




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Subject: [EP-tech] validate_eprint not being called


Hi everyone,


Just wondered if anyone else has noticed a problem with the validate_eprint() function not being called? Have tried this in our main Eprints code and against a fairly vanilla copy of EPrints that I keep for testing. Neither function (the default or the archive specific one) seems to be being triggered.





Liam Green-Hughes

Library Systems Developer

Learning and Research Development

University of Kent



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