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Re: [EP-tech] redirecting to external URLs

Hi Alan,


Do you want the user to click on a link ? Or force the page to redirect to the new location automatically??


If it’s the former, you could do it in a similar way that the DOI’s get processed…


e.g. in the eprint_fields.pl


        name => 'id_number',

        type => 'text',

        render_value => 'EPrints::Extras::render_possible_doi',



Then in perl_lib/EPrints/extras.pm



sub render_possible_doi


        my( $session, $field, $value ) = @_;


        $value = "" unless defined $value;


        if( $value !~ /^(doi:)?10\.\d\d\d\d\// ) { return $session->make_text( $value ); }


        $value =~ s/^doi://;


        my $url = "">

        my $link = $session->render_link( $url );

        $link->appendChild( $session->make_text( $value ) );

        return $link;



This will take the value entered into the id_number field, and render it as a link on the screen, prefixing it with the appropriate http url leader etc…







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So anyone know how I should be redirecting the user to an alternative URL based on some processing in a Screen action?


As it is, I’m setting the url in the action by


$self->{processor}->{redirect_to_url} = “http://example.org”;


and then checking for it in


sub redirect_to_me_url {


                return $self->{processor}->{redirect_to_url};



It seems a little too hacky!




Alan Stiles

Digital Repository Developer

Library Services, The Open University



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