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[EP-tech] Citations and covers

Hi eprinters,

I am uploading audio to my repository as eprints. Each eprints comes with 2
1) the audio file, content: original
2) the cover, content: cover

then in my summary, I have:

<epc:set name='docs' expr='$item.original_documents()'>
                    <!--<epc:set name='docs' expr='$item.documents()'>-->
                    <epc:if test="length($docs) gt 0">
                        <epc:foreach expr="$docs" iterator="doc" limit="1">
                            <div id="summary_downloads"
                                        <audio controls="">
src="{$doc.thumbnail_url('audio_mp4')}" type="audio/mp4" />
src="{$doc.thumbnail_url('audio_ogg')}" type="audio/ogg" />
                                            <p class="vjs-no-js">
ref='summary_page:vjs-no-js' />

which is working fine, but I would like to show the cover image with the
audio. How can I access it?

Best regards,
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