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Re: [EP-tech] Review Filters

Hi John,


Thanks for the quick reply, I turned on database logging and found a discrepancy that I can’t reconcile with the cache table that’s being created…


When I perform a search, (status=buffer, type=monograph)  the system generates a cache table… I captured this…


1923169 Query     INSERT INTO `cachemap` (`cachemapid`) VALUES ('45538055')

1923169 Query     UPDATE `cachemap` SET `oneshot`='TRUE', `created`='1460952790', `searchexp`='0|1|-date/creators_name/title|eprint|-|eprint_status:eprint_status:ANY:EQ:buffer|type:type:ANY:EQ:monograph|-|', `userid`='1', `lastused`='1460952790' WHERE `cachemapid`='45538055'

1923169 Query     CREATE TABLE `cache45538055` (`pos` integer NOT NULL, `eprintid` integer, PRIMARY KEY(`pos`)) DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8

1923169 Query     SET @i=0

1923169 Query     INSERT INTO `cache45538055`(`pos`, `eprintid`) SELECT @i:=@i+1, `eprintid` FROM (SELECT `eprint`.`eprintid` FROM `eprint` LEFT JOIN `eprint__ordervalues_en` ON `eprint`.`eprintid`=`eprint__ordervalues_en`.`eprintid` WHERE `eprint`.`eprint_status` = 'buffer' AND `eprint`.`type` = 'monograph' GROUP BY `eprint`.`eprintid`, `eprint__ordervalues_en`.`date`, `eprint__ordervalues_en`.`creators_name`, `eprint__ordervalues_en`.`title` ORDER BY `eprint__ordervalues_en`.`date` DESC, `eprint__ordervalues_en`.`creators_name` ASC, `eprint__ordervalues_en`.`title` ASC) `S`



On my test machine, The cachemap table contains 19 eprintid’s…


BUT, when I run the SQL statement that was logged in the creation of the cache table, there are 30 results…


SELECT `eprint`.`eprintid`

  FROM `eprint` LEFT JOIN

       `eprint__ordervalues_en` ON `eprint`.`eprintid`=`eprint__ordervalues_en`.`eprintid`

 WHERE `eprint`.`eprint_status` = 'buffer'

   AND `eprint`.`type` = 'monograph'

 GROUP BY `eprint`.`eprintid`,




 ORDER BY `eprint__ordervalues_en`.`date` DESC,

          `eprint__ordervalues_en`.`creators_name` ASC,

          `eprint__ordervalues_en`.`title` ASC










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If I'm thinking of the right thing, the filters shown are based on the columns currently displayed in the review screen..?

Can't comment on the other aspect - yet!



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