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Re: [EP-tech] Review Filters

If I'm thinking of the right thing, the filters shown are based on the columns currently displayed in the review screen..?

Can't comment on the other aspect - yet!


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Sent: 15 April 2016 05:09:30
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Subject: [EP-tech] Review Filters

Hi All,


I am wanting to alter the list of fields that are included in the Filter section of the Review (/cgi/users/home?screen=Review) screen for users of type = ‘editor’. 

Can anyone point me to where theses are defined?


This is required as our users have found a problem with their previous mode of operation… Editorial Tools->Search Items provided more filtering to find items with a status of Under Review. 

Uncheck the default selected Live Archive and select a type (the type isn’t important…),  You get a list of items that match… review one of these items, and make it live, then refresh the search, and the count drops by two.  I have investigated, and the cache table that stores the ePrint id’s for the search is dropping by two as well…


Has anyone else found a situation like this?? I’m hoping so, just for peace of mind that my system hasn’t been borked for a long time :-s

Any and all help would be appreciated… as I haven’t seen anything relating to this when I went back through the archives…






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