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Re: [EP-tech] Error installing IRStats2

Hi, Thanks for answering.

Yes, I've seen the documentation. I had problems with the dependencies installation .
Geo- IP and Date-Calc for Centos 6.5. I can't install from Yum, so I'll trying withCPAN or by rpm.

Brian, I didn't seen the finals steps "Processing".

I'll be trying to fix dependencies installation and run the finals command.

Thank you.

2016-03-15 10:21 GMT-06:00 Brian D. Gregg <bdgregg@pitt.edu>:



Have you seen the documentation - http://eprints.github.io/irstats2/install.html?  It may give you some hints.


Even after installing via the Bazaar, you have to perform the “Processing” steps as well.




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Hello everyone.


I've been installing IRStats2 using the bazaar. When the installation finished all ok, but when I enter  to browser I get an error 500 "Internal Server Error". I reloaded the configuration, restart apache, regenerate static, nothing. 



How can I resolve this? I'm using Eprints 3.3.14 on Centos 6.5


Thanks so much, regards.


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